Nina Dobrev’s Gym Style Hacks

Nina Dobrev’s Gym Style Hacks

We all mimic celeb style. But have you ever had a celebrity pick out your outfits for you?

Well you’re in luck!

We recently went shopping with Reebok and Les Mills ambassador and actress, Nina Dobrev, who showed us her favorite ways to rock the latest trends.

Dobrev always stays one step ahead when it comes to fashion while staying comfortable.

“I love being able to wear my work out clothes as I run errands, go to brunch, or even go to a casual dinner, because the pieces look cool,” says Dobrev.

Any fans that follow the actress on social media, know she’s no stranger to tough workouts and lots of sweat.

“I don't feel good unless I've sweat,” she says, “so I make it a point to wake up, walk my puppy and then go do a work out. Starts my day out right.” 

So we knew her expert advice would come in handy as the struggle to remain stylish after leaving a good workout continues to be very real.

Dobrev showed us how to go from the gym to almost any situation without having to do a complete switch up to make a look work.

All you need are a few key staples and the right gear to take you from the gym to the street.

“Reebok gear isn’t just workout gear, it's comfortable and breathes well like workout clothes should but Reebok goes one step further,” she says. “It can be a fashion statement.”

When it comes to accessories for your straight-from-the-gym looks, Dobrev has a tip if you’ve worked your ass off and accidently run into some post-makeup problems.

“Sunglasses, because I don't wear makeup when I work out, and if I accidentally have, than it's definitely run down my face so I'd need to cover up my smudgy eyes,” she says.

In addition to the sunglasses, Dobrev suggests a collection of hats.

“I often work out with a baseball cap because it keeps my short hair out of my face,” she says. “Same as the sunglasses, sweaty hair never looks particularly cute ... so I hide it under hats!”  

She also suggests skipping the purse and going straight for the backpack. Who wants to carry a purse when you can go hands-free and have extra room to carry your stuff?

“I like leather backpacks,” she says. “I'm a backpack girl. It's comfortable and convenient for carrying a lot of work out gear, but it looks cute!”

To top it all off, there’s nothing better than killing a good athleisure look with a good jacket, a leather jacket to be exact. In Dobrev’s eyes, this style staple a total game changer.

“After I workout I often continue running errands, and I don't change out of my work out gear,” she says.

“I just throw a jacket on top to dress up my workout clothes and it becomes a fashion statement!”

Dobrev says at the end of the day she really loves to mix and match styles to create trendy yet casual looks that work for her busy schedule and still keep her feeling confident.

“A bold pant print or a vintage-looking oversized sweater, or the Classic Leather sneakers all transition seamlessly from day to night,” she says. “And when I look and feel good it shines through in my energy.” 

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