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Bodytalk launches its new collection for Winter 18'-19', which is designed especially for you and you will adore it!

New collection seems to come from a black and white prism to highlight the contrasts and feelings of everyday life. Collection’s designs highlight the era of power. It’s the time we are experiencing, and is distinguished by the color palette, stripes and prints that are worn both individually and in combination.

This collection is the definition of comfort, with many pieces in their oversized version. Inspired by the new trend of layering, it’s aimed at the modern people who has adopted the wellness Keep it real lifestyle and want their everyday life to be accompanied by loose and easy-to-wear clothes.

Feel full freedom and taste life as a pleasure with our moto, “Train for pleasure”. Do not forget that your most beautiful look is what makes you feel alive and vivid!

The need for a new dress code has arrived! Discover your #Bdtk outfit from Bodytalk's new winter collection.