Stage 1 Get Splashing

Stage 1 Get Splashing



These early visits are all about getting your children used to what’s around them, in the pool.


Here, you’ll find fun games and top tips on how to safely get in and out together, as well as an introduction to the water and all the fun it brings!


For more support, check out our Stage One Learn to Swim gear to keep your little explorers comfortable during their first splashes.





So it’s time to meet the water. Let’s do it safely.


Our preference is a pair of trusty armbands or float jackets. These allow our children to be submerged comfortably, with their feet in the water. This will help them naturally find their buoyancy as they grow, as opposed to rubber rings.





Time to roar like a tiger! When we get our armbands on, we need to stretch those arms out, as big as we can so we can get them on, above the elbow and then blow them up, being careful not to have them rub up against the armpit which can be uncomfortable.





Alright, let’s get you and your little one in the water nice and safely with the swivel entry.


To start, rest your child beside you at the side of the pool’s shallow end.


OK, you’re getting in first. From a seated position with your legs in the water, place the arm furthest from your child, across them, so it rests palm side down on the pool ledge. Your arm will provide a safe space should your child fall.


Next swivel your bum out from underneath you and gently lower yourself into the water. Pick up your little explorer and gently bring them towards you, bending your legs and moving into the water together. And we’re in!


If the shallow end is beached, you can always walk in together holding hands. But try to avoid carrying your child down the steps as this can be dangerous. Should you need to use them, climb in first with your child facing you from the top of the steps. That way if they fall, you’re there to catch them, or you can simply help lower them in.


To get out, simply reverse the steps.




The water can be a little wild when it’s brand new. So to make it fun and gentle, get into the water (chest deep) and holding your baby securely, lightly bob up and down, on the spot. Then build to swishes from side to side. And lastly, slowly spin in a circle with your baby outstretched, in your arms in front of you.


I like to sing my tiger song to help remember it...





Next, try first putting your face in the water and blowing bubbles towards them. They’ll love the stimulation plus it shows them it’s fun and safe!




I’ll admit it! I’m a Tiger who loves to hunt in the water. It’s a proper adventure.


You can enjoy an adventure all of your own using floating toys and balls. Holding your child in front of you, gently glide them close to the objects and encourage them to reach out and grab them.


Your baby will love the sensation of floating in warm, calm water and the added stimulation from the familiar toys will channel their attention.